By Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC

Why do I love single-leg deadlifts so much?

For one thing, nothing works the butt and legs quite like it. Add the extra benefit to the back, core, lower legs and feet and you have a full body exercise.

As Gray Cook likes to say, “Maintain your squat and TRAIN your deadlift.” I think this is especially true for the single-leg deadlift.

I have to share a personal story; I’ve had four patellar dislocations. Yes, FOUR!

The first one happened after a two-hour ballet/pointe class.

The second happened in the middle of a jazz dance class.

The third happened when my tango partner hit my kneecap with his knee and the fourth happened when my shoe caught in an escalator and I fell. Yes, dance is a very dangerous sport!

The last two times, I popped it back in and rehabbed it myself. The single-leg deadlift was the most important exercise for strengthening and rehabbing my knee.

So this is an exercise close to my heart!

Here’s why everyone should add this powerful exercise to their program:

The single-leg deadlift not only develops hip strength and power, but it also allows complete blog post.