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    Default Better Mobility in Seconds, by Josh Henkin, Master RKC, Creator of the DVRT System

    Better Mobility in Seconds

    by Josh Henkin, Master RKC, Creator of the DVRT System

    Better mobility in seconds is a lofty promise. This isn’t an infomercial—it’s science!

    I can speak from personal experience, since I found this methodology after recovering from four spinal surgeries in the past five years.

    No, the surgeries were not because of bad training, they were necessary because of some bad congenital issues plus more than a decade of athletics.

    This combination left me with what looked like horrible mobility issues in the upper and lower body.

    At first, my plan was similar to what many of us have probably done: stretch, stretch, and more stretching. While stretching made me feel better, my mobility never really improved.

    Now, if something isn’t working I don’t keep doing it while banging my head against the wall! A change of course was needed, but I didn’t know what to do.

    I researched everything.

    A light bulb came on while I was reading the works of physical therapist, Gray Cook, and spinal expert, Dr. Stuart McGill.

    Both Cook and McGill referenced the physical therapy concept of PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation).

    This classic therapeutic approach didn’t focus on the muscles—it focused on the complete article here.

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    SUCH good info! I'm going to try the "dead bug" with kettlebells today!
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