By Bret Hamilton, PCC

As a recently christened Progressive Calisthenics Certified coach, the Century Test is very fresh in my mind.

The Century tests multiple qualities: speed, strength, endurance, and also has fairly strict technique standards for each rep of your squats, push-ups, hanging knee raises, and pull-ups/Australian pull-ups.

Even though it’s not what I’d call easy, don’t let me fool you, the Century Challenge is defeatable, nay, crushable, if you prepare for it properly.

Stay with me as I lay out the groundwork for what made me successful when it came time to test on the final day of my PCC.

First off, if any of the guys and gals out there who attended the June 2016 PCC in NYC are reading this…wow!

We had some seriously strong individuals attend the PCC in New York, and there were a handful of people who were doing things above and beyond what I’ve ever seen in person before: freestanding handstand push-ups, stand-to-stand bridges, strict muscle ups and human flags.

It was seriously impressive.

Yet when it came time to do the Century, some of the same people who were performing those moves met it with a huge amount of apprehension, as if they had not complete blog post