We have had a ton of questions about Dragon Door’s new Bodyweight Master Pull Up Bar. So, here’s an FAQ put together from those initial queries:
Bodyweight Master Free Standing Pull Up Bar FAQ

Capacity, Dimensions, Construction
Q: How much weight can it handle? I weigh 230lb, can it handle me?
A: It is guaranteed and tested to hold a capacity of 350lb. We have even seen a few people already doing weighted pull-ups with a 106lb kettlebell hanging from their waists.

Q: Is it possible for a 150lb person to kip and pop-up on this?
A: Yes, it is stable enough to handle this kind of vigorous movement.

Q: How much does the pull up bar weigh?
A: 104lb.

Q: How tall is it? I can't fit anything over 82” tall in my basement.
A: The height can be set as low as 5’2” (62”) to a max of 7’2.5” (86.5”). As long as you don't use the tallest setting, then it will fit.

Q: What is its footprint?
A: The 3’11” (47”) wide by 4’11.5” (59.5”) long base provides strong stability.

Q: Can it be bolted to the floor?
A: Yes, the base has pre-drilled holes so it can be bolted to the floor for additional stability.

Q: Does it wobble?
A: No, it’s wobble free.

Q: How adjustable are the bars?
A: Two detachable dip units and bars which can be mounted at 7 different heights

Q: How thick are the bars?
A: The bars have a diameter of 1.5” and a circumference of 5”.

Q: How adjustable is the top pull up bar?
A: The top bar is adjustable in 5 height increments from 5’2” up to 7’2.5”

Q: What is the Bodyweight Master Pull Up Barmade from?
A: It’s made from steel.

Q: Can this unit be installed outdoors?
A: The manufacturer said it would definitely rust over time if left outdoors. Please only install indoors.

Included items:

Q: Are the dip bars sold separately?
A: No, they are included with the unit

Q: What comes with the set?
A: The unit is sold as a base pull up bar frame with two bars additional bars and two dip bars.
Set-Up and Assembly

Q: Is this pull up rig collapsible?
A: Yes.

Q: Can it easily broken down and rebuilt? I am a truck driver and currently use resistance bands anchored to my door to do pull downs. I would love to be able to do actual pull ups.
A: Yes, it can be fairly easily put together and taken apart.

Q: Is this something that is easily put together? Can I carry it around, or is it best to keep it assembled in a room or gym?
A: It is easy to put together, but it does weigh 104lb, so it is not something you would want to be carrying around very much...

Q: Do you need tools to put the Bodyweight Master Pull Up Bar together?
A: Yes, you’ll need an adjustable crescent wrench or M10 wrench/ratchet.

Q: How easy can you detach, move and reattach the lower bars?
A: Very easily indeed, they are very secure, but also just lift off of the provided slots in seconds...

Q: I currently use the bar from Tactical Athlete, a solid performer for sure, But the adjustable dip bars make this worth a serious look. How does the Bodyweight Master compare to the TAPS unit, and how strong are those dip bars?
A: We consider this a significant improvement over the Tactical Athlete device. The dip bars are very strong and should be no issue whatever weight you are.

Using Other Accessories with the Bodyweight Master Pull Up Bar

Q: Can I use a TRX or CrossCore® Systemwith it?
A: You would need to bolt the unit to the floor to use it with a TRX or CrossCore® System. However, there are holes in place so you can do that if you wish.

Q: Can you hang gym rings off it? How tall is it?
A: Its maximum height is 7’2.5”. Yes, you could hang rings from it, but may wish to bolt the unit to the floor for extra stability.

Q: Could you hang a heavy bag from the Bodyweight Master pull up bar?
A: The bar can bear 350lb. However, the unit would need to be bolted to the ground with the provided holes to handle a heavy bag swinging around.

Exercise Specifics:

Q: Can I practice and do muscle-ups on it?
A: Yes, you can do muscle ups on it.

Q: How much swinging or horizontal motion has been tested for this unit? Will it be safe to do light front lever swings, back levers, etc. with this bar?
A: Yes, you can safely perform front levers and back levers on this bar.
From Al Kavadlo: “This is the sturdiest freestanding pull-up unit I've ever used. It's certainly fine for a back or front lever.”

Q: What about the human flag on the side bars? Are they too square?
A: Not on the side bars, however... some users have placed the lower bars in a stall-bar like pattern and have been able to safely practice human flag and chamber holds.

Q: Where is the Bodyweight Master Pull Up Barmanufactured?
A: China.

Q: Can this unit double as a squat rack or squat stand? Are those barbell racks or stands in the product photos?
A: No, and there are no stands or racks for barbell exercises on this unit.

Q: What exercises can I practice or perform on the Dragon Door Bodyweight Master Free Standing Pull Up Bar?
A: The long list of possible exercises includes pull-ups, chin-ups, one arm chin ups, one hand chin ups, Australian pull ups (bodyweight rows), hang knee raises, hanging leg raises, windshield wipers, muscle-ups, front levers, back levers, raised push-ups, dips, weighted dips, and many more, and variations of nearly all the exercises already listed here.