By Matt Beecroft, PCC Team Leader

As an adult you’ve decided to embark on an inversion and hand balancing journey.

Seriously, are you crazy?

If you think about it, children with amazing mobility, breathing, reflexive stability and perfect natural movement still can take 18 months to learn how to stand on their feet.

And you have decided that you want to balance on your hands!

Are you out of your mind?

Read ahead, because I am too.

At 40 something years of age, 6 foot 3 inches and 90 kilograms (hardly genetically blessed to do anything in the calisthenics or gymnastics arena), I decided to do the same thing.

Yep, I looked at what someone else was doing, and said to myself, “that looks like fun, if they can do it, I can.”

That was on my first Progressive Calisthenics Certification or PCC in the US back in 2013 complete blog post