Hey everyone.

So I had the misfortune of being in a head on collision with a useless drunk driver, my little daihatsu vs a Mercedes SUV each going a minimum 60kmh, who fell asleep at the wheel. I suffered a broken left knee cap (single clean vertical break), bruised left lung and 4 minor fractured upper vertebrae. The lungs fine, I've finally reached 60 degrees bend in my knee now and my neck is just a bit sore more often. Accident was just over a month ago.

I was the fittest I had ever been when I got hit, and my first ever muscle up was just around the corner, following Kavadlo's creed. I hate not being able to workout right now.

My main reason for this post is to ask if anyone has had any experience with such a knee injury? Should I be expecting long term consequences?I've got two screws in my knee now that will stay in there. Apparently my bone was so hard the surgeon broke the first two trying to get them in and had to drill a hole just to get them out.

I plan to reach full strength again, getting back to my hill runs and kettlebell swings etc, slowly of course. I'd be doing all kinds of upper body work right now if it wasn't for the vertebrae. I was told 6 weeks of inactivity at least for a good healing period. I'll be getting x-rays on all of it soon.

Feel free to suggest any rehab recommendations, that I will of course discuss with my highly talented Osteopath. Anyway, all thoughts are welcome.
Thanks, guys.