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    Default Getting back into it

    I've just found this forum, never been on a KB forum before but after reading someones thread on swings and calories burned (got a little heated phew) I thought I'd join up and say hello.

    Few years back I trained with a fellow in Russian Competition Style (he was certified by Valery Federenko) and I got pretty good technique wise with the swing, clean, long cycle and presses though I never felt like my snatch was amazing. I never really got that strong though but I was progressing. Was just starting to use a 16kg, and everything was focused on single hand movements. I was a few months off being able to do a 16kg 10 minute long cycle, figure that isn't too bad

    Few years later ended up totally sedentary piled on the weight, couple of years of severe obesity, lost nearly all of my lean muscle mass, motivation and energy problems but I just have to make it work and get myself back into it. I think everyone on here will agree getting a good workload in, shifting a bucket load of calories per workout, the Kettlebell is the tool.

    I've got a nagging rotator cuff problem from plastering for a living but the I've tried a few swings lately and it doesn't touch it. I do 15 to 20 minutes of gentle yoga a day trying to get all of my mobility back which after 8 weeks really seems to have done the job and the problem is receding but I'd prefer just to swing for now until its gone and not go into snatches or presses or long cycle.

    So I'm a man with a single 16kg competition bell, a load of fat and a load of swings to get done. I read the FAQ and ordered Pavels Enter The Kettlebell so thanks for that recommendation.

    Any advice for a swinging fatman I'm happy to hear it.

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    Congrats at getting back off the couch and back into health.
    Enter the kettlebell is a great start. Work through it, maybe look at investing into a larger bell eventually, and spend time following the program there. A large majority of us started our journeys with Prograam Minimum.

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    Read the book several times over. Do the Break-in-Plan first. Then spend time with the Program Minimum. Do not rush into the Rop - especially if your shoulders are still a problem. Get 2-3 more kettlebells - 20/24/28kg etc... - 16kg swings will become tooo easy so you need to get heavier with the kbs for swings. For fat loss I recommend "Heavy Hands" walking during the Break-in-Plan and the Program Minimum. Stay true to the plan. By the book. Do not add anything into it that is not covered by the book. Pull ups are recommended and mobility drills - okay...Dennis

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