Participant Praise for the
Strength Calisthenics Certification
Austin, TX, February 2017

Deven Dehnel, Austin, TX.
12 years as a military police soldier in the Army. Certified Army Instructor. Former competitive powerlifter. Certified Physical Preparation Specialist. B.S. Sports and Fitness Management
Improved my knowledge of overall body movement to incorporate into future programs. Adrienne Harvey was an incredible instructor. She effectively demonstrated exercises to you visually on how to conduct them correctly. She was effective at helping us improve our form.

It covered specific scope very effectively in the allotted time. Most courses I’ve done cover a lot more areas and tend be very vague. This keeps it focused and detailed.

John Moore, Schulenburg, TX
USMC 1982-1988, Former Tarrant County,TX Sheriff's Deputy, Former Security Police Officer at D.O.E. nuclear weapons plant, current certified personal trainer, TRX instructor.
It was great! The class shows you how to get stronger using your body instead of weights. It gave me a great foundation to teach others later.

I thought Adrienne Harvey was a great instructor. She was very professional and engaging. I liked her teaching style and her wealth of knowledge. She was able to convey to me what I needed to know very clearly. AWESOME!
Marcos Luján, Austin, TX
Extremely useful, not only in the knowledge I gained, but also in my own confidence. The instructor was very engaging. Adrienne was super nice and very clear with her instruction. I was easily engaged in all the discussions, and I’m looking forward to hitting the gym and assisting my clients with my new understanding of this information.

I very much appreciated the attention to detail that was given in class. I’ve trained martial arts for years, and all of this information ties into what I do perfectly.
David Lynchbergmen, Lytle, TX

This was my first certification that actually had a “hands-on” component to it. I think all certifications should have a live, hands-on component to them.
The knowledge was extensive, but provided in a systematic and logical progression.

Nicole Raglin, Austin, TX
I enjoyed learning about different body weight strength exercises and how to effectively incorporate them into my personal training routine as well as my clients. Adrienne was very high energy and knowledgeable. She demonstrated the moves very effectively and gave plenty of modifications. She was also very strong and inspiring!

D Dehnel, Ft. Rucker, AL
Soccer championships/tournaments, Master Fitness Trainer (military)

It really contributed to the technical approach to the exercises. I feel more confident to approach clients w/better ways to improve technique
Informative, exactly what I would expect from a professional class. The class and instructor were open minded which provided a stress free environment and ease of informational flow.
Adrienne Harvey had a great personality that drew the students out of their shells. Her performance on the exercises seemed flawless which helped create clear pictures as to what is expected in our movements.
Ben Green

A shotgun blast to the brain of information and options for exercise choice, training programs, calisthenics methods. Adrienne Harvey was a wealth of information about bodyweight exercises. Much broader in scope than other courses I have taken.

Maxwell Brown, Houston, TX

It teaches you how to perform calisthenics and teach calisthenics in a fun and professional way. Adrienne was very fun and knowledgeable. I learned so much more than I was expecting to. I now feel that I have a sturdy foundation to go train my clients with. Also I realized how fun calisthenics can be and bring people closer together.

I am a NASM CPT and this strength calisthenics certification workshop is so different! It provides hands on /in-person coaching w/ the ability to get all your answers for you. The techniques were great, the material is one of a kind and the experience itself was awesome. Much better than learning online or being at a desk alone.

Nathan Ladd, Austin, TX
Many calisthenic enthusiasts came together to study the main movement patterns for developing an individual calisthenics practice. We practiced many of the movements and verbally talked about them. I learned a new way of thinking about my practice. Every rep of every set is not only about building strength but also skill practicing.

Adrienne was very knowledgeable and insightful. Her attitude was positive and she has a knack for education.

Cara Hanson, Olathe, KS
Overall it was a great experience. I feel I have many more tools to use with clients with the amount of information we went over in just one day.
I thought Adrienne was very coachable and knowledgeable. She made you feel comfortable asking any questions and it was clear she had a lot of training and knowledge to back up her answers.

I feel there was a lot more offered in this course. The amount of info given was substantial. There was also a lot of hands on which was valuable. I feel it will be very easy to implement it.

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