By Phil Ross, Master RKC

How well do we—as humans—move? When we move are we trying to avoid or minimize pain?

There seem to be three major areas of pain, have you wondered why these areas are so afflicted, even with people who are “in shape”?

The low back (lumbar region), the knees (distal femur, proximal tibia, fibula and patella) and the shoulders (glenohumeral and sterno-clavicular joints) are the pain points for many people.


Two words need to be considered: stability and mobility. Certain joints of the body prefer stability and others favor mobility.

Feet, knees, the low back and scapular regions favor stability. Ankles, hips, the thoracic spine (middle back) and glenohumeral joints (shoulders) flourish with mobility.

The joints need to do what they are designed to do. If not, then asymmetries complete blog post.