When I give workshops, I worry about one thing. One of the great untrue clichés of life and learning is this:
"There are no bad questions."

Yes, yes there are bad questions. My brother-in-law, Craig Hemingway, gives talks to schools about home safety and brings an ambulance.

He gave me good advice a few years ago. When a hand goes up, he asks:

"Is this a question or a story?"

"A story is about how your grandpa was in an ambulance once or that you know someone who drives an ambulance. A question ends in a question mark."

Usually, that is enough to put the hands down.

When I talk, a hand will go up and the participant will give us their resume, vita, and all the initials behind their name—and no real question.

This person just wanted everyone around them to know that "I’m special, too!"

But, sometimes, there are QUESTIONS! Good ones.

Questions that make me want to pull out a whiteboard, grab a projector and ask someone to record it, because THIS QUESTION demands an answer.

Imagine getting six good questions. At once.

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