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Thread: Taking The GET STRONG Transformation Challenge

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    Default Taking The GET STRONG Transformation Challenge

    By John Du Cane, CEO and Founder
    Dragon Door Publications

    What mechanism acts as both the Great Protector of our health and well-being—while often acting as the Great Saboteur of our attempts at physical transformation?

    That mechanism would be Homeostasis:

    “The tendency of a system, especially the physiological system of higher animals, to maintain internal stability, owing to the coordinated response of its parts to any situation or stimulus that would tend to disturb its normal condition or function.”

    “A state of psychological equilibrium obtained when tension or a drive has been reduced or eliminated.”

    As the cliché goes, we are creatures of comfort. We seek to minimize pain and to quickly eliminate any perceived threat to that comfort.

    Without this overriding tendency, of course, our internal systems would collapse—as they de-regulate into a chaos of conflicting and unbalanced energies.

    But when we seek to transform ourselves physically, the whole construct has to shift.

    No more Mr. Nice Guy. Now, we have to deliberately, savagely, nastily traumatize our own bodies—to shock them into change…

    We have to willfully terrorize ourselves out of the sloth of our addiction to ease…

    Far from reducing or eliminating tension and drive, we need to psych ourselves up into an unreasonable quest for dis-comfort, dis-equilibrium—and a kind of planned mayhem.

    We freaks of fitness storm the barricades of complacent physical mediocrity—and to hell with the naysayers and stay-at-home couch potatoes…

    However, all this savagery of intent still screams for proper leadership. Whatever the fire burning in your belly, you’ll go nowhere fast if you don’t have wise guidance from fitness experts who are true masters of their game.

    Otherwise we become a foolish, disorganized rabble, our dreams of physical transformation derailed by misinformation and false promises.

    And here’s the great beauty of a well-organized, well-planned transformation program: it helps jump us out of the rut of our normal meandering exercise patterns.

    Instead of two steps forward, three steps sideways, one step back, woops, two more steps back, yikes, half a step forward and so on—boom, we suddenly have our marching orders, a goal to achieve, fire in our eyes, confidence in our hearts, competitive juices flowing and a sense of driving purpose.

    Now—against all the homeostatic odds—we can embrace the pain-drenched ecstasy of the struggle for physical glory. And succeed, right?

    Get Strong is exactly that well-organized, well-planned, proven program you can count on to effect the changes you desire. You can do it on your own, of course, but why not join forces with other bodyweight exercise enthusiasts?

    So, when Al and Danny Kavadlo created their Get Strong 16-Week Transformation Program, we thought it would be perfect to include a community contest to help motivate us all to give this thing our best possible shot.

    We can join forces with a bunch of fellow maniacs, urging each other forward, come what may…

    While waiting for the printed copies of Get Strong to arrive from China, I decided to preview the Transformation Program myself.

    Almost without any exception I train alone: bodyweight exercise, kettlebells and Chen Tai Chi. Mostly in my office.

    This is all well and good, but this solitary training has its pitfalls—as I quickly realized once I embarked on the Program.

    I will describe my experience below, but first, here’s complete blog post

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    Excellent write up. I am taking the challenge and absolutely love the book. Your story is both inspirational, and educational. Thank you for sharing!!

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