By Ryan Jankowitz, RKC-II

I’m writing this blog while on a train back to DC from New York where I had the privilege of assisting Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner at the RKC-II at Catalyst Sport.

The weekend before, I had just recertified as an RKC-II in Atlanta with Andrea Du Cane. This has been a whirlwind “East Coast RKC-II tour” and I’ve loved every minute.

Needless to say, I have absorbed a lot of great information from many great people, which has given me plenty of food for thought.

One of the many things I really enjoyed during my recent RKC-II experiences was the programming aspect of the course.

During my RKC-II recertification, I was tasked with designing a program for a fellow attendee who is within a demographic I usually don’t train—powerlifters.

This challenging assignment forced me out of my wheelhouse to look at programming from a different angle.

Then I was also able to hear many different program explanations from great minds in the fitness industry.

I came away with many ideas and an interesting question complete blog post.