By Florian Kiendl, RKC Team Leader

Whenever I use the phrase “Hardstyle kettlebell”, I find it funny that it is very descriptive if you know the style of training, but at the same time it’s very confusing for someone new to kettlebell training.

An outsider might infer that Hardstyle is a very harsh and intense style of kettlebell training.

But, this is not the case.

Obviously, any kettlebell work is relatively intense—and the only limit to that intensity is your own physical ability. But, that’s not the point of Hardstyle.

Hardstyle doesn’t defined how hard we train, instead it describes how hard we move.

How hard a given workout seems will depend on the volume (total reps), density (time) and intensity (weight or variation) you choose.

On the other hand, how hard you execute every single movement does not describe complete blog post.