Dragon Door: How did you get involved with kettlebells?

Natalie Lynch: I was introduced to kettlebells about 10 years ago when Nick started using them at the studio.

Since we're married, we often trained together doing an I-go-you-go sort of thing. I also would go to group classes.

I'm a registered nurse and work with the clients at the gym on their nutrition, so it was nice to be able to attend classes with our mutual clients and get a workout.

Dragon Door: When did you start teaching nutrition?

Natalie Lynch: Nutrition became a major focus for me after I graduated from nursing school in 2009. Nutrition education is my role at the studio, but I also work as a pediatric nurse.

Dragon Door: Before our interview, Nick mentioned that you've managed to stay consistent with your kettlebell training throughout having kids. What inspired you to stick with your training?

Natalie Lynch: Before having our first child in 2013, I really believed that if you aren’t already dedicated to physical fitness or exercise prior to having kids, then it must be very difficult to...read complete interview.