Reminder: the Los Angeles PCC with Master PCCs Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo has its $300.00 discount ending on Fr​id​ay, Ju​ne 23​rd.
Here is a sample of the Participant Praise from the most recent PCC in California:

Guilherme Rosin, Personal Trainer, San
Fran​cisco, C​A

The most productive 3-day period in my life. The PCC has exceeded my previous training experiences.
Nick Collias, Boise, ID, Writer/editor, RKC

The PCC is a fascinating blend of instruction and experiential immersion, and the enthusiasm the participants brought to the proceedings was warranted and rewarded. It’s a perfect complement to the RKC, and the two felt quite similar in both quality and scope. Both set the bar for me and were far superior and more personal in the instruction, than similar workshops from other organizations.

Steve Saxe, Personal Trainer, San Jo​se, CA

The PCC is not only the most thorough seminar on human movement, but also the most inspirational. The Kavadlo Bros. have an amazing program that all trainers should attend—if they did the world would be a far better place.

Jerry Madson, Orangevale, CA

Very uplifting experience in all aspects. It was very valuable, you cannot put a price on it really. Plethora of information.

I came to the PCC in L.A. 2015. It was great to see everyone again and also witness the consistency and some refinement of the training—humbling but very inspiring—and very much appreciate the positive energy.

Cody Braun, Fitness Specialist, Venice, CA
Athletic Achievements: Div. 1 football

Everything from instruction to hands on assistance, comfortable vibe, and knowledge was top notch. I have been to over 7 certification events and I feel more empowered than any other course to practice and teach this curriculum.

Jackie Wu, Movement Therapist/Pain Resolution, San Marcos, CA
Athletic Achievements: High level Martial Arts, HKC

Taking the PCC course was a 3-day play-cation for me. Al and his team were pretty fantastic. They have the material and details nailed down pretty well and present it in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.

David Shen, Pa​lo Al​to, CA

The quality of the training and teaching was phenomenal. I enjoyed the breadth and depth of knowledge shared on all sorts of exercises.

Kevin Lee, Manager, San Jo​se, CA

It was definitely one of the best experiences I have had. It was so much better than I thought it would be.

I learned more in this class than in 2 years of research online.

Giovan Medrano, Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist, Oak​land, CA
Athletic Achievements: Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Taijiquan, Xingyiquan

I have not seen a better presentation of the regression/progression of each exercise. Informative, practical and most of all, fun!!!The quality of instruction I received from PCC is unmatched.

This weekend seminar compares to nothing else. I’ve learned so much, and above all, it encourages me to work on my own weaknesses with patience and joy. Bravo, PCC, for creating such a fun program people can use practically anywhere.

Martin Rogers, Accountant, Daly City, CA
Athletic Achievements: Track and field high jumper into college.

The information and delivery method are accessible to anyone with the motivation to learn and improve. The camaraderie and encouragement from both the teachers and the other participants helped remove the intimidation that can easily come from such a high level of ability.

This has been a fantastic experience. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Eric Sandahl, San Luis Obispo, CA

PCC is a fantastically humbling experience. It shows you where you are, and where you want to be, but gives you the steps to get there.

The Flying Kavadlo Bro. and co. are inspiring. They practice what they preach, and are passionate, not only about what they teach but also about enabling the students to experiment and grow.