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Thread: Program for my kettlebells and Concept 2 Rower...

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    Default Program for my kettlebells and Concept 2 Rower...

    Greeting all. I have re-acquired a Concept 2 rower to augment my kettlebell routines. I like the idea of combining the 2 to create a fast, compact and efficient routine. I'm 57 now and yes, slowing a bit. Used to run a lot and pretty much gave that up now, legs are happier. Looking to lean-up a bit more so here's one program I pencilled in, all in circuit form 5-6 rounds or 20-25 min.
    Monday- Row 500m- C&P's right and left 5-6 rounds or 25 minute timed.
    Tuesday-Row 500m- superset pushups (on blocks) and pull-ups same as above.
    Wednesday-Row 500m- KB swings 15-20 reps. same as above.
    Thursday- Repeat Tuesday.
    Friday-Row 500m- Kbell snatches R/L 10 reps per side.

    Variables- KBell size, rowing distance (have tried 250m) and # of circuits. Rest time as need, minimal.

    Still in experimental stage. Anything I might be missing? Thoughts, ideas and input are appreciated.

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    I like the Tactical Barbell programming. I personally am utilizing the Law Enforcement specific book. I am using only the conditioning plan because I too am pretty inexperienced with conditioning work. You can translate the "runs" into "rows" and go that route. You can also instead use the Tactical Barbell Conditioning book for a template. These routines can be easily altered to include the Kettlebells and Rower as you prefer.
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    I do a lot of rowing coupled with kettlebells. I have played with same day rowing and separate day sessions. When doing individual days, I was able to improve my VO2max by 40% in a month or so.

    My current plan

    Monday-3 x 5 double press, 3 x 5 double Squats and 3 x 5 pullups. I will row 6 min x 2 sets at 80% HR max
    Wednesday-2 bodyweight squats, 1 pushup, 1 weighted pullup and 10 swings x 20 sets. Rowing for 15 min at 60% HR max
    Friday- training is a little random. I like to practice skills. i.e bent press etc. Rowing 3 sets of 5 min of 10sec max effort, 20 sec of 75-90 Max Hr and 30 sec of easy rowing.

    It is pretty effective and only keeps me in the gym for max of an hr
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    I believe Kenneth Jay has a 6 week rowing plan that might be good for you. Other than that if you check in the different programs you'll see a bunch of standard workouts. In "select workout" you'll find both "standard list" and "custom list".

    Standard list - 2000m, 5000, 10000, (I think 21km - half marathon), and 500m om 1' rest intervals.

    Custom list - 30s on: 30s off, then there's a lot of others that we don't use much at my gym so excuse my memory. Maybe the 21k is in custom list...?

    The 2000m is the standard distance of rowing. It's a good benchmark and you can find a lot of data on it on the Concept 2 site. There's also this pretty cool tool by Jensen who is a rowing guru so you can figure out where your holes are - 2k Erg Power Profile Calculator - Erg Rowing

    Don't neglect steady state work. Nothing wrong with a 5,000m or 10,000m row every week, or a couple of times per week.
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