One of the ultimate pleasures of being a parent is when you get to share workouts with your own kids, right? I was reminded of this—and inspired—when I saw this great new review on our site of Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo’s Get Strong program.

Here it is:

The perfect intro to physical culture for kids
By Ron Richards / Vienna, VA

My 12-year old son loves this program. The pictures of Al and Danny doing crazy strength stunts sold him on starting the program and the tangible results he's seen after 6 weeks are keeping him motivated to continue.

This is also great father and son time since we workout together. My son claims he's stronger on the basketball and tennis courts and he can't wait until soccer starts up again in the fall.

A couple of notes to parents if you're looking at this book for your child.

One, do the workout with him/her no matter what level you're at. I simply substitute harder variations or exercises for myself as appropriate.

Two, if your child is new to working out, spend the first couple of weeks working on the groove for each exercise and don't worry about numbers. After two weeks, buy log books for yourself and your child and let your child record and plan their own workouts. My son has really taken ownership of his progress through recording each workout and planning the next.

Three, you may need to explain up front that a "week may not be a week". Six weeks in my son is just completing week 2. He's actually at week 4 or beyond on everything but pushups but those have been coming along slowly for him. But setting expectations up front is very important so your child won't get discouraged if they can't hit the week 1 numbers after 3 workouts.

I'm somewhere in phase 2 or phase 3 depending on the exercises and I can't wait until my son catches and surpasses me. At 55 I can still make progress but it won't be as fast as my son. Thanks Al and Danny for making me do the bridging progressions.

This book is just the ticket to introduce your child to physical culture with a minimum of expense, equipment and time. Get Strong uses well thought out progressions to strengthen the entire body. Do yourself and your kid a favor, do Get Strong with them and it will give you both gifts that keep giving for a lifetime.