There are just a few spots left at Dan John’s Denver RKC and the last savings of $200.00 ends this Fr​id​ay, Ju​ly 21​st.

Wondering if this is for you? Here’s a few comments about a recent Dan John RKC:

Joe DiStefano – Boston, MA, Head of Sport, Spartan Race

Game-changing experience that will have a major impact on my program design and couching style.. Dan + RKC, incredible 1 - 2 punch! I’ve taught 100+ 2-Day courses myself. Going into a course like RKC, I rarely expect to take home so much new knowledge, perspective and skill.

Anthony Cracchiolo – Howard Beach, NY, Personal Trainer
College Football

RKC is the Gold Standard! The quality of training displayed over the weekend was excellent.

Kyoshi Ernest Hyman III - N​ew Yo​rk, N​Y, Certified Personal Trainer

40yrs Exp. in Martial Arts (GoJu-Ryu Karate Do)

“Life Changing”!! Outstanding well-rounded workshop. A wonderful learning experience.

Richard Borgatti – Winchester, MA, Gym OwnerSpartan SGX Coach L2, Spartan Obstacle Specialist, Black Belt in Budo Taijitsu.

Excellent certification for proper usage of the Kettlebell, not only for performance but for general population clients. Dan John is an excellent presenter and leader. Both quality and knowledge were top notch as well as entertaining. This level 1 cert is as good or better than most level 2 certs I have attended. This is truly an instructor course.

John Thompson – Ne​w Yo​rk, N​Y, Personal Trainer

This is an amazing Cert. ANYONE can benefit from taking this course. Top of the line instructors. This course is a must for anyone who is serious about applying KB training.

Alisa Fairbanks – Portland, OR, Personal trainer and health coach
DVRT level 1 certified, Animal Flow level 1 coach, Yoga Tune Up® level 1 teacher, Neurokinetic Therapy level 1, Precision Nutrition level 1 certified

My experience was humbling, rich and challenging. It reinforced a lot of what I know, but taught me so much of what I did not know.

I thought the training and instruction was impeccable. Demonstration, real-life examples and scenarios, practice, learning how to troubleshoot and time for Q&A made it top notch! The material and expectations were presented clearly and feedback was professionally and constructively given.

I’m really picky about what trainings I do and truly seek out the best. I also want to be challenged and have to go out of my comfort zone because it’s a powerful and effective way to learn. RKC did not disappoint.