Dragon Door: How did you first get into kettlebells?

Nathan Gagnon: I was first introduced to kettlebells in the workouts at the CrossFit gym.

Angelo Gala used to work at CrossFit Back Bay and programmed for our competition team.

Obviously, he included a lot of kettlebell work like get-ups, around-the-worlds, you name it—that was how I dove deeper.

Unfortunately, I had a couple of injuries and decided to back out of the competition team. But, I started to use kettlebells more and more and found a ton of applications for them.

I decided to take the RKC to earn the official stamp of approval showing that I know what I am talking about!

Dragon Door: Are you a full time trainer at CrossFit Back Bay?

Nathan Gagnon: Yes!

Dragon Door: Have you always had an athletic background, and if so, did it influence your career choices?

Nathan Gagnon: Training hasn’t always been my career, but I've had an athletic background.

Growing up, I played nearly every sport—soccer, football, basketball, I ran track, cross country, and I was on the golf team in high school.

But even though I...read complete interview