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    Default (Inspirational) How to Rebound From A Hurricane, by Zach Even-Esh

    Our hearts go out to all those suffering from the aftermath of Harvey! And now Irma is poised to wreak further havoc…

    While nothing can fully replace the loss of our dearly-valued personal property, there remains the deeper challenge to our Will and Spirit in the face of such adversity.

    What does it take to successfully rebound from such a tragedy? What internal reserves can we draw on to help ourselves and others rebuild our lives?

    Of course, there are no simple answers. But there ARE inspirational tales from past victims of natural disasters that can point the way to a true resilience…

    One such tale inspirational tale comes from Zach Even-Esh, author of The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning. Zach endured the devastating destruction of Hurricane Sandy when it pummeled his beloved New Jersey…

    If you ever wondered about the nature of true strength—and how it can help you endure and be resilient in the face of tragedy—then Zach’s story here is a superb testament to the exercise of that true strength…

    Please read and share

    Thank you, Zach, for the inspiration and guidance in these trying times!

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    I think there's too much psychological investment in property- whether it's as status symbols, self-esteem builders, identity metaphors, assurances of their ability to benefit themselves regardless of the situation (that last one is the biggest issue, I think- there's always a situational component to being able to protect or provide for yourself, just like there is for any other desired condition).

    Luck is simply a factor in life & doesn't necessarily go where it's most deserved (a major problem is people believing that there's some kind of Ambient Santa Clause Principle making good always go to good & bad always go to bad might lead them to conclude that things will always be symmetrical- but they might not be, just like when they work a lot & don't get paid a lot).

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