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    Default 1st I've heard of this-robot spotting machine

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    Thanks Jeff! That put a smile on my face. I swear I'm not aware of another human endeavor but weight lifting to spawn the degree of outright stupidity. I mean damn how freakin' hard is it to comprehend purchasing a 500lb Olympic barbell set, which btw will be more than enough weight for the vast majority of the population for their entire lives, and picking it up in good form a few times and use a rational degree of poundage cycling?

    To condense PTTP's greatest points I assert the following:
    1. The barbell deadlift will provide at least 70% of overall size & strength a person can develop.

    2. Although its very counterintuitive NEVER (at least 95% of the time) push balls to the wall redline purple faced intensity to muscular failure. It overstimulates the CNS and actually prevents further adaption and thereby size & strength gains. Stopping 2-3 reps short a failure has made training MUCH more enjoyable for me and countless others. I'm not saying its a joy but on a subconscious level I look forward to training instead of dreading it like I used to. Its counterproductive to exhaust your nervous system.

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