Announcing: the San Diego PCC with Master PCCs Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo with its $300.00 discount ending on Fr​ida​y, No​vemb​er 24th.
Here is a sample of the Participant Praise from a recent PCC:

Joshua Teves, Strength Coach/Trainer, Jersey
Ci​ty, NJ

Filipino Martial Arts World Champion

PCC opened my eyes to what the limits of the human body is capable of. Not only that, those limits can be reached to the general population, as well as myself. It is a great system that can help any person’s goal; whether it be a competitive or recreational goal.

Al Kavadlo, Danny Kavadlo, Angelo Grinceri, Annie Vo and Grace Kavadlo gave masterful and insightful instruction throughout the weekend They were all attentive and encouraging with their knowledge and experience. Their positivity made this cert an unforgettable experience

This course benefits and supplements my current realm of training in strength and athletics. My style of powerlifting, kettlebells and sports training will improve with the concepts of the PCC.

Jenn Burke, Director of Education, PTE Crunch Fitness, San Fra​ncisco, CA

Al, Danny and the rest of the progressive calisthenics team are incredible at breaking down even the most complex bodyweight moves into easily digestible pieces. The Cert is a definite must for all trainers and anyone really looking to master their own body. Al and Danny are genuinely in the business to help others be better and it really is super inspiring!

The Certification has been one of the top levels of education in the fitness industry that I have attended.

Michelle Infante, Fitness Director and Trainer, Cold Spring, KY
RKC, ACSM Personal Trainer, TRX Certified, Balanced Body Barre, Mat Pilates and Reformer, YogaFit

It’s a game changer in terms of how to program for any level client – from deconditioned to adult athlete. All moves are accessible through regression.

They have taken years of bodyweight knowledge and experience and boiled it down to a full weekend of informative fun! It’s real, applicable B.W. moves that anybody can (and should) start doing today.

Similar to RKC – High quality, perfect blend of lectured information, demo and experimentation with the moves that were presented. Other than RKC there is no comparison – after 25 years in the fitness industry no other training even compares!

Wonderful weekend, great unity, positive environment.