First ever post, wooo!

So after years of Calisthenics, using aspects of Convict conditioning and the Naked warrior, and the odd spout of "Power to the people", I decided to give Kettlebells a go using Pavel's routine. I've made good progress on pistol squats and one arm press-up's but feel i've stagnated and fancied a change.

So i've been on "Enter the kettlebell" for 3 months and it's safe to say i'm thoroughly obsessed. I've added mass to my shoulders, thighs, back and arms, and i'm leaner and probably fitter than i've been in a long time. (Those kettlebell swings are sheer savagery!) Even my flexibility in the hips has gone up considerably.

My only problem with the program currently is that my chest has shrunk considerably. Due to a less than great rotator-cuff and avoiding overloading myself on the kettlebells, I've dropped the one arm push-ups entirely. I've followed Pavel's teachings very closely, and although I have a lot of faith in him where strength training is concerned I feel he falls short slightly when it comes to considering looks.

I wanna keep things Russian and basic, so making use of my parallel dip bars seems logical.

So my question is this - has anyone managed to successfully integrate dips into this program? Currently i'm thinking the best way to do this would be to replace the pull-up ladders on the easy day with dip ladders instead. My easy day consists of a maximum of 5 sets of ladders up to 3 reps with kettlebell clean and press and what would be dips. So that's 6 reps per ladder. 30 reps per workout. Not exactly a huge amount. On the medium and hard days i'd still be doing pull-up ladders, hitting 50-75 reps total in the workout which is still sh*t loads.

My reasoning behind doing dips on the easy day is that the workouts are already very shoulder intensive. Whilst i'd be performing dips to target chest it still gasses shoulder considerably. the The less reps spent pressing the kettlebell on the dip day the better I think. The only problem with this is that the timed snatch comes after, which may be overload.

Any thoughts or ideas?