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    You don't get DOMS when you DL heavy every freakin' day which is only possible through PTTP's failure avoidance. The incredible gaining power of periodization is nothing short of "awesomely amazing"! Two short one hundred and ninety percent sets of five reps is damn near physiologically perfect for the hips & thighs since you really don't get deep stimulation until after rep 10 or so. This means you never deeply fatigue the hips & thighs so m-f 5x a week DL'ing is possible.

    I'm at last cycle's peak(355lbs) as of this morning w/ no visible (but inevitable) end in sight. I'm betting I'll reach 375lbs at least this cycle and if I mix in a few backoff w/outs I just might get to 385lbs which is impossible w/ HIT. At this rate there's no doubt I'll reach 475lbs in a year which for an unintentional bodybuilder ain't too shabby. Not too many <220lb'ers can HBDL 500/450lbs x 5...But I damn sure will. By then I should be 5'8", 225lbs at no more than ten percent bodyfat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milo-Fan View Post
    I did (2) eighty percent sets yesterday (actually eighty-five percent) w/ a thirty second interval and I have actual soreness so I know I caused significant protein breakdown. Scientifically applied volume works.

    Three hours later I did three 80% "Commando" sets just because I love DL'ing so much so I doubt I instilled the same level of fatigue if I had done a proper mass oriented w/out.
    You confused me when you wrote the above. Good Luck on your ambitious journey. Say hi to Pavel for me.

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