Dragon Door: As the original creator of the Battling Ropes System—which has been around for quite a while now—what inspired you to offer an instructor certification?

John Brookfield: About twelve years ago, I created the Battling Ropes System in my backyard.

I had been looking for a way to train myself to sustain strength, speed, power, and also mental endurance over time, instead of just interval training.

I developed and did the training myself for about a year, and the results were just phenomenal.

After I did more testing, I realized that I needed to get this out to athletes and the military, since it's so transferrable to everything they do.

Dragon Door: Battling Ropes are inevitably compared with kettlebells. What are the advantages and benefits of using Battling Ropes as opposed to kettlebells?

John Brookfield: The Battling Ropes System is completely different from any other type of training that's ever been out there.

Battling Ropes can be a complete, stand alone training system—in the same way that kettlebells can be—but they also mingle very well with other types of training.

With the ropes we're actually creating velocity—strength and speed at the same time.

Unlike kettlebells, weightlifting, or other types of training, there’s no lull in the action with the ropes.

If you picture fast moving water in a river, it's very relaxed, but it's relentless. There's no lull, no stop, it's just a constant shove of water.

With the ropes, your body is constantly working, unlike with kettlebells or anything else. Your mind and body are engaged at all times.

Dragon Door: That makes sense. I'm thinking about a kettlebell swing, and the split second at the top of the swing when the kettlebell floats, or the pause at the top of a kettlebell snatch...

John Brookfield: Exactly. Obviously, gravity takes over with just about anything.

But, with the ropes you're creating power very quickly—then in the twinkling of an eye you're stopping that power and throwing it in a different direction, over and over and over.

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