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    Default Intergrating DL (hybrid routine)

    Hello fellas,
    Recently I'm using weighted variations of bodyweight exercises (handstand pushups, one-arm chin/weighted chins or pullups/weighted dips, one-arm pushups, weighted pistols squats). So I want to integrate deadlifting into my routine (total 3 WOs per week). One more conditionality, I have access to barbell only once a week.

    MON DL + weighted chins/pullups or one-arm pullups/chins - 5x5 for both OR 1x5 for dl and 5x5 for chins?
    WED weighted dips + one-arm pushups 5x5 for both
    FRI weighted pistol squats + handstand pushups 5x5 for both

    I love weighted calisthenics but I love deadlifting too.

    Any ideas?
    Thank you in advance.

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    I think the routine you have is a great idea, but I would stick to the 5x5, keeping the reps the same but ramping up the weights toward a top 3rd or 5th work set.

    Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 protocol would be perfect for a 1x a week DL routine that can be put with whatever else you want.

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