Achieved my all time PR for the BP. Surpassed my 1RM of 225lbs BP from 30+ years ago. Today I purchased two extra 45lbs plates for my olympic bar set. So, on a whim I loaded the bar for 225lbs. What the Hell I thought - I'm gonna give it try. Not knowing what to expect. Wham! WTF! four good reps! At 225lbs! Feeling my onions I loaded up for 230lbs and three reps up and feeling like the Hulk. Felt EASY and STRONG - so loaded again for 235lbs for one single gold plated rep - and up it went! Time for me to buy a Superman Shirt! So it a "hum bum bum da be bop da boogie an a hum bum a boogie da be!!!!" I am so stoked! Finally broke that Bench Press Plateau - and on my way to 250lbs...Dennis