The Magnificent Healing Journey of Charlotte Simpson, RKC

Interview by Adrienne Harvey, SrPCC, RKC-II, CK-FMS

Dragon Door: Dan John mentioned that you’ve inspired a lot of people with your transformation.

How did you get started?

Charlotte Simpson: When I was younger, I tinkered with gymnastics, but I had never been considered athletic or lean.

I had gotten married, had a family—life happened—and I put on quite a bit of weight. I did not really know how to eat, and "macronutrients" was an alien word.

I had been basically going to the grocery store and buying processed, packaged food and eating what I could while having a family.

But it got out of control and I reached my peak weight of 269 pounds. My meals consisted of cereal, hamburgers, and fries.

I knew I had to change my eating habits.

My mother was diabetic and I’d seen what she went through with health problems, so I decided then and there—pre-diabetic at age 48—that I was not going to have the same experience.

At the time, I was not healthy and had been on pain management for about five years. I had been overweight for so many years that my joints were damaged.

Then, my sister and I complete interview