Thanking everyone in advance. I know there is much to be considered for each individual when choosing a program but was looking for advice.

Equipment available: Kettlebells 35 lb., 45 lb., 55 lb., 32K, 40K, 100 lb.
Schwin Airdyne, No pull up bar but I would like to get one at some point.

Health: I'm in very good health other than I shattered my left heel 15 months ago. It required a plate and eleven screws to fix. I can walk on even surfaces but I can not run or do other high impact exercises. The subtaler joint between my heel and talus was really messed up and has no cartilage. Arthritis has set in so it can be tight and painful at times. Heavy squats cause pain but I can do lighter goblet squats. Any flexion of the left foot is also tough making any lunge type movement hard but not impossible. Lighter get-ups are o.k. as are snatches but once snatches get heavier, say 32K the lack of stability on my left foot makes them hard.

I've been doing ROP with B.O. rows substituted for pull ups. I do swings on variety days.

Just looking for something else.