For those who've done both, what is the difference in terms of muscle building, strength, and general fitness, between working out every day versus every-other day.

With Good Behaviour type of workout, you work out every other day, and can use the rest day as conditioning/ cardio/ fitness, etc. Working two workouts means spending some time in the "gym" whatever gym you're using (the park, home gym, etc.)

With Veterano type of workout, you work out every day, for a shorter time, but probably don't have time for cardio. Unless, of course you do it after the strength workout, in which case, you're spending as much time in the "gym" as the Good Behaviour workout.

From a muscle building perspective is there a difference?
From a general "fitness" perspective, assuming no additional cardio stuff after the strength training, does this mean that doing a Good Behaviour has increased fitness benefit?

Yeah, I'm using a lot of buzz words :-)

For those of you who have done both, any difference when doing either?