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    Default Press or press up?

    Given a choice between kb presses or feet elevated pike pushups, both of about equal difficulty, is there a reason to choose one over the other? Assuming of course that the goal is simply to build some strength and muscle mass and you’re not working toward something specific.

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    Regressing/progressing the weight is an issue--which is more easily adjustable for you? The other is ROM. Pike pushups are good if you put hands on blocks or paralettes so you can get hands all the way to very close to shoulders. Some years ago I did CC and got up to sets of 14 hspu's on the floor. One day on impulse I dragged a couple cinder blocks over to elevate my hands, head could easily fit between. Beyond the depth I was training on the floor at 14 rep sets, I could not even support a static hold! Soon as I passed that depth by a couple inches I would just collapse. Needless to say I switched to elevated hspu's

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