The Pursuit of the Daily Minimum

By Dan Earthquake, PCC

Coach Wade regularly encourages keeping a training log.

It’s not a new idea to me: I’d had several periods of doing this over the years, but stopped completely in 2008.

It was due to one of his articles that I eventually restarted counting in November 2014.

I realized that I needed to establish a value system that could be comparable over several years. Subjective input such as “felt good today” is too ambiguous to be of value to me in the future.

There are all sorts of systems depending on the discipline. Cyclists, swimmers and runners often use watts expended, calories burned or distance traveled.

Lifters/gym rats may use weight shifted. I decided to record sets completed (my basic set being 5), with pull ups, dips and pistols recorded as 1 per repetition.

Intensity of effort could also be recorded complete blog post