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    Default From Party Animal to PCC, Interview with Moo Dath

    From Party Animal to PCC,
    Interview with Moo Dath

    By Adrienne Harvey, SrPCC, RKC-II, CK-FMS

    Dragon Door: How did you originally get started in fitness and calisthenics?

    Moo Dath: My dad was a coach who trained an Olympian athlete and many Commonwealth Games athletes. So, he expected his son and daughter to be amazing sprinters.

    Unfortunately, after many years of training with my brother, I gave up at 15 for smoking, drinking, and boys.

    I had been doing 5Ks every day after school along with my sprint training. While I was ok, I wasn't a great runner.

    So, I gave it away and basically became a party animal.

    The athletics training—and climbing trees and swimming from a young age—basically set me up for life.

    I’ve always been lean, strong, and athletic, even when I was a party girl. The party years were bad with loads of alcohol, drugs and absolutely no fitness regimen other than snowboarding.

    While I wasn’t sponsored, I did get free products from shops because I was the chick that would jump off 40-foot cliffs and do really gnarly stuff because I was completely stupid and fearless.

    I stayed relatively fit even though I was still in party mode with snowboarding and then later wakeboarding every day.

    Then I had children and they changed complete interview

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    I can relate to the alcohol use in my own experience. I have concluded that - for myself - If I drink alcohol on more than one night of drinking with a a single week I loose focus ( not with my vision but in training..hehe!!) for training and am not up to my full potential. If I drink to intoxication at any time - its all out the window - and virtually a full week of productive training is down the toilet. I am at my best when I have not had a drop in weeks/months. I just keep making gains and getting better. Waking up fresh and alert and eager to train again. And its not just the alcohol - its the food binge that is sure to follow after the drinking is done. Its about me making choices and setting priorities right. If your really dead serious about stronger and better in your training - and if alcohol is as you might suspect is an obstacle then just stop drinking and see what happens. THIS HAS BEEN A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT ...HEHEH!!!..Dennis

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