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    Default From 397 lbs to RKC Dynamo, Interview with Carolyn Taylor Harris

    Dragon Door: You recently earned your RKC with Dan John, but it sounds like it was quite the journey! How did you get started?

    Carolyn Taylor Harris: Since moving to Colorado eight years ago, I've gone through a lot.

    My lifestyle changed, I started eating differently—and eating less. In Colorado, I was just naturally more active with walking, and hiking.

    And since it is so dry out here, I started drinking a lot more water. Just from these changes I lost a significant amount of weight.

    Dragon Door: How did you get into kettlebells?

    Carolyn Taylor Harris: One of the friends I met out in Colorado, Tyler Sonaty, noticed that I’d lost some weight and asked me if I wanted to take the next step.

    At the time, I didn’t really respond. Then I saw how a mutual friend was getting great body composition results, so I decided to reach out to him.

    We started training together twice a week.

    He really helped me find a greater understanding of nutrition—and how it’s not always a pleasurable thing, it’s refueling for a workout complete interview

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    When I first moved to Colorado (Durango) from California (Santa Barbara) I was sitting in a small cafe eating lunch with my wife. Sitting by the window and watching the sidewalk traffic amble by. I clearly remember, after a few minutes saying, "Good Lord! Physically fit Caliornians are the Colorado couch potatoes!!!" I have lived in a number of states and it really does seem that people in CO tend to be a lot more outdoor sports oriented, all year.

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