Complete praise for the Pleasant Hill, CA RKC

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Participant Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC)
February 2018, Pleasant Hill, CA

Alexander Dunn, Tracy, CA
Truly life changing. A once in a lifetime experience. Truly fun & educational. The best workshop experience I have had. The quality of knowledge provided was beyond anything I thought I knew. There is no comparison to any other. This is in its own class.

Rami Jada, Belmont, CA. Trainer.
Best workshop in my 15 years of experience. Best coaches. I would rank RKC Number 1.

Ben Greenfield, Spokane, WA
Chris’s ability to teach with love and also hard strictness is a rare & valuable combo. He’s amazing.

Terry Joel, Martinez, CA. Personal Trainer
My intentions going in were to improve my technique in the lifts and come away a better coach as far as teaching clients. The RKC met and exceeded my expectations.

Jenna Buss, Martinez, CA. Personal Trainer
Best learning experience. It’s an intense course that teaches a lot of helpful advice. I feel more competent with kettlebells and instructing others.

Amazing. The instructors were knowledgeable, passionate, and friendly. They helped make me passionate about kettlebells and they were extremely supportive. When I didn’t think I was getting something, they provided the advice and support I needed.

By far surpassed all other courses. Because it’s hands on and interactive, I will retain the information I’ve learned and be able to pass it on to my clients.

Nicholas Irwin, El Cerrito, CA. Rugby Coach, Personal Trainer
A fantastic 3 days of kettlebell education, exertion and camaraderie with the Dragon Door coaches and students. RKC exceeded my expectations.

All 3 instructors were wonderful. Funny, knowledgeable, approachable. They made an effort to get to know everyone.

Glen Beckham, Stockton, CA. Correctional Officer.
Informative, infectiously energetic, and a life bettering and changing experience. It was unparalleled. I learned more this weekend than I have in the past ten years of kettlebell training.

The quality of the training was super high! Some of the best information I’ve heard in regards to fitness.

Andres Calzada, San Diego, CA. Personal Trainer.
It is by far the most education and detailed certification I’ve attended. Gave me the extra tools needed to properly train and successfully imply them to my clients.

Jennifer Grijalva, Martinez, CA. Regional Director.
The most informative, easy to comprehend & sync with real life activity. By far the most exhilarating certification weekend course intellectually, physically, and emotionally, 100%!

Chris Holder, Gianna, and Steven are exceptional! They have an extremely effective coaching technique, people skills and are just amazing humans! I am blessed to have had these 3 for this course! And I would refer everyone to RKC based off their teaching!

I have been through a few certs none of which have been this FUN! Informative and supportive! The RKC is absolutely remarkable!

Edward Deedon, Vallejo, CA. Personal Trainer.
Above and beyond. I can’t imagine how any of them could have done a better job. Everything I learned here is something I can immediately apply to my program design for my clients.

Rick Esparaza, Sunnyvale, CA. Teacher/Coach.
Anyone who wants to be a better athlete, trainer, coach, etc. should take this course. You will expand your knowledge and understanding of kettlebells & beyond.

Holder, Gianna, and Steven Thayer were vastly knowledgeable w/their training & teaching of knowledge. I will be a better coach for sure.

The practical use is out of this world. There is not simply some written test to take, but rather hours of student hands on learning.