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Thread: PTTP commando w/out

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    So what is this PTTP Commando workout?

    Also, I'd like to know: Does cardio in any way dissolve strength gains that are made in this way? My understanding is that cardio will work up a sweat & that'll reduce your SIZE, but not the strength (which I understand to be a nervous system thing that eventually turns into both a nervous system & tendons/musculature thing- the body gets better at sending signals & then the musculature develops in a way that matches this output). Is this the case?

    I'm also not too sure what happens to the ability to do high-volume that size training usually promotes (as I understand, it gets the body to have more glycogen with bonds one part it to two parts water- which is sweated out durning cardio sessions).

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    PTTP Commando workout is the Bear workout.

    Cardio may reduce a bit of size due to sweat, but don't you drink something after, and if so, where does that go? Where you might lose some size is if you do hard cardio that gets the body to burn off some lean body mass to create glycogen, called gluconeogenesis. Too much hard cardio will cause the loss of mass to fuel the body.

    Arnold is in his 70's he hasn't done steroids in years. He smokes cigars, drinks, and eats well, though not to excess. He recently had his second heart surgery. Please do not use steroid use from decades ago as a reason for heart problems in a 70 year old. I've known several people who had heart surgeries, some multiple times, and my uncle died waiting on a heart, all under 60 years old, none ever touched steroids.

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    I had bypass heart surgery 13 yrs ago.Never used steroids. Bad genitics is my guess. But I do believe that what you consume, eat, or drink at age 20, can attribute to poor health or death at age 50. Not in every case - but don't dance with the devil....he!..he!..Dennis

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