Why Choose To Be A Coach?
Interview with Paige Sousa, RKC

By Adrienne Harvey, SrPCC, RKC-TL, CK-FMS

Dragon Door: How did you first become interested in kettlebells?

Paige Sousa: My first real exposure to kettlebells was in CrossFit. I was fortunate to train at a gym where the head coach was taught by Chris Holder.

The first swing I learned was the CrossFit style American swing, and I also learned the get-up pretty well.

While I knew I had to swing heavier kettlebells hard and "Russian style" in a workout, I didn’t truly understand what that meant until the RKC.

I first learned about kettlebell snatches during an actual CrossFit competition, so it was good that I was just using a 12kg kettlebell—I figured out a little bit, but my wrists were in trouble because I was just swinging and punching.
After my ankle surgery last year, I started using kettlebells a lot more. I played basketball my whole life so my ankles are pretty shot.

My physical therapist is an RKC and we...read complete interview