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Thread: Forearm Inflammation

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    Default Forearm Inflammation


    I just started kettlebell lifting for about 4-5 months, mainly working on long cycle. My left hand (non-dominant) started running into problem a few weeks back when I progress to lifting 12kg. At first i felt weak and tenderness in the hand, fourth finder and pinky became very weak. The forearm where I rack the bell, particularly the abductor pollicis longus muscle area, has become so sensitive that I have not been able to perform any clean/jerk as racking the bell itself hurts the forearm a lot. I have rested the hand for almost three weeks now, icing it daily, visits to physio therapist twice a week, the inflammation has gone down and grip strength has returned, but still not good enough to get back on track.

    I have read a few articles addressing to the kettlebell lifter's elbow, but not quite the same as my condition:
    SF Kettlebells: How to avoid and eliminate elbow pain for good

    I really want to get back to training. Any insights or advice on this?

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    Best I can think of is if cleared to work out by your PT, see an RKC (or perish the thought a sport kettlebell) trainer, someone who really knows the ins and outs of kb form detail. Must have been something you were doing with that hand/wrist/forearm that caused the problem. And of course it could vary with the lift.

    When I was first starting w/ kb's I watched a bunch of youtube videos put up by RKC's and I do have a better than average kinesthetic sense so I figured I knew what I was doing. On a whim I found an RKC within driving distance and went in for a short private lesson. Turned out I was not nearly as smart as I thought I was HAH! Then I followed up by taking an afternoon seminar from him. Really set me on the right track.
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    Geoffrey is correct. Good advise. I would also suggest to you as a beginner to kettlebell training that you practice and learn that basic and foundational lifts as presented in ETK. Swings, Tgus, MPs...etc.Too many reps done imperfectly will likely injure you. Increase volume and weight gradually and at times decrease as needed...Dennis
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