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    Default Finish Your Training Session With The Kettlebell Squat Massacre By Frank Delventhal

    By Frank Delventhal, RKC-II

    A great training session often ends with a crisp finisher to expend any extra energy.

    At the end of a recent session, my students weren't very enthusiastic about doing Dan John’s "6 Minute Squat Challenge" (one goblet squat every 30 seconds and staying in the lower position during the break).

    I like Dan John’s finisher, but my students wanted something with more variety.

    One student commented that they’d "rather have something nice, like a mixed grill plate." That inspired me to name their finisher "Katrins Grillteller." (Grillteller is the German word for mixed grill plate.)

    When I asked them if they wanted to do the squat challenge or the "Grillteller," the decided to choose the "Grillteller" since they didn’t know what it would be.

    Afterwards, they renamed it the Kettlebell Squat Massacre.


    All participants should be proficient in complete blog post.

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    Kettlebells are one of the best ways to burn tons of calories. These are so different from regular weights as many muscle groups are used for each exercise. This means you will get the high intensity that burns the calories, while you are toning and strengthening your muscles. Always keep in mind to prefer the best supplements like best bodybuilding supplements andMaxNo Extreme muscle builder supplement as they are totally natural and does not cause any harm to the body in any way.
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    The kettlebell is a very effective tool to build strength and endurance that can be applied to many real-world scenarios. Especially for women, it is a great entry point to strength training and for men a good tool to teach better body awareness and stability. Its effectiveness on the internet might be a little overstated based on reference and comparison flaws.

    If you do not like free weights and treadmills and want something between Kettlebells are a must try.

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