i have the book Strong Medicine and hoping to get some suggestions. I want to get started with the Basic Cardio, however it seems so very too easy even for me with chronic fatigue.. for example the first week is 3 session a week at 8 mins each at 55% max HR. at this point I can't do alot of cardio, i get really set back. but i average 4x a week walking about 1/2 mile 3x a day at least. not sure where or how to add in the beginning cardio .. open to ideas? i definitely need to go slow so i dont set myself up for a "crash"

also should i try to implement the weight training segment first? i had been able to do resistance training for many years lightly without making the CFS worse, however i over lifted and messed up my neck 2 years ago.. been getting help with this and it's getting better..so if i do weights i surely need to start light so I dont get the pulling and pain on the right side neck.

looking forward to some suggestions..and if anyone has CFS would love to hear how you manage this program.

I am excited too for get on board with the food plan in this book. I really need it.
thank you