Dragon Door: How did you get started in fitness and athletics?

Natalie Talbert: I started swimming when I was really young and started playing water polo in middle school.

That led to playing Division 1 Water Polo at San Jose State. After my last year in college, I made a pretty quick transition from college athletics to CrossFit.

Now, I'm a competitive CrossFitter. I’m also a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and manage the gym where I work—I’m at the gym a lot!

Dragon Door: What did you study in college?

Natalie Talbert: Psychology. I didn't really expect to be managing a gym—and I didn’t know about CrossFit—but I knew I'd always be in the fitness world.

Once I made the transition to CrossFit, I knew that it would become part of my career in some way.

When I started my undergraduate, I didn't necessarily think that I would be stopping my education as quickly as I did.

I thought that once I got my bachelor’s, I would go on to get my masters and soon after, a PhD.

Dragon Door: It's always interesting to hear about people coming to the fitness world from fields like psychology. There are so many overlaps with habits and behavioral change.

Natalie Talbert: Yes, it's pretty awesome. I took a lot of sports psychology classes as well and had no idea that I would...read complete interview