Hello friends,

I just wanted to say how excited I am to begin. I am 5' 9.5"; 169lbs.

I am a firearms instructor, and have always worked hard to stay in "good shape." However, I do not like gyms or very much at all from that culture; plus, I am furiously busy with my businesses.

This has actually had me 'discover' on my own some of the principals taught on this site. For example, I don't use any weights at all, except for a 20lb weight vest. I only do push-ups, pull-ups, and squats.

Also, I never have 20 minutes to go and 'work out' (I also have three young children), so I've always naturally sought to spread exercise out through each day.

Doing so has caused me to gradually become "stronger", however, as I finish the first half of Naked Warrior (and I have a stack of 4 Dragon Door books here to read), I realize that I've only ever really trained "endurance strength."

For example, I try to have 3 exercise days each week, while running on 3 other days each week.

When I run, it is a 3 mile run. For "strength stuff", right now, here's where I am:

On push-up day, I will do 6 sets of 50, 10 sets of 40, and then 10 sets of 30. Usually 18 minutes apart or so, as I work, with a random hour or two break here and there.

On pull-up day, I will do 6 sets of 30 (alternating between overhand, mid-hand, underhand; using a doorway pull-up bar), 6 sets of 25, 6 sets of 20, and then 9 sets of 15.

On the third day, I'll do "ab stuff" (usually 5 sets of 300 "ab kicks"; I don't know the names of exercises), and 400 total squats, 200 forward lunges, 200 rearward lunges.

Every 3 weeks, I take a full week off of everything, and almost always come back a little stronger.


Obviously I'm also violating some of the Dragon Door principals. For example, I pretty much work ALMOST to failure almost every time. Rarely do I actually fail to complete the last rep, but I'm usually getting close at the end of the sets during the second half of the day.

I'm also not training 'explosive strength' or 'pure strength' at all.

I'm not even sure if I can do one Pistol or one One-Armed push-up. I'll be trying tomorrow!

This is all very exciting, and I look forward to continuing.