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    Default The Power of the Kettlebell, interview, Christian van Loenen, M.Ed., CPT, RKC

    Dragon Door: As the Assistant Director of Health Promotion and Education at Bowdoin College, does your job also include elements of fitness?

    Christian van Loenen: Funnily enough, no it doesn’t, but I am moving in that direction.

    I've been at Bowdoin for two years and even though my position is in Health Promotion, which sounds like it could be tangentially related to fitness, it isn’t for the most part.

    Most of the work I do is a combination of individual counseling and group interventions around alcohol and drugs. I also oversee a number of student groups on campus that fall under the umbrella of health and wellness.

    Although I’ve enjoyed my time at Bowdoin immensely, this will actually be my last year at the college.

    I’ll be starting my own project working primarily with middle school and high school aged boys.

    My goal will be to use fitness and strength training as a hook to do more social and emotional development for young men.

    Basically saying to them "yes, I’ll make you big and strong, but along the way we’ll be talking about other things, too."

    I'm excited about this new venture since it draws on my professional background. For the last ten years I’ve complete interview

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