The Passion of Calisthenics,
with Nigel Wills, PCC, WSWCF

By Adrienne Harvey, SrPCC, RKC-TL, CK-FMS

Dragon Door: How did you get started in fitness? Did you play sports in school?

Nigel Wills: No, not at all!

At school, if you weren’t interested in soccer—or football as we call it here—there was very little motivation to get you into anything else.

I actually cut a deal with my physical education teacher so that I could just run around the field while the class played football.

And, that’s what I used to do! As long as I stayed where the teacher could see me, I just ran cross country around the field for 45 minutes instead of playing the actual sport.

I wasn't really into it. At the age when my friends started going out drinking, I only did it twice. I didn’t like it and thought it was boring!

By default, I wandered in to the local gym and started training as an alternative to what everyone else was doing.

And I stayed with it—now I'm 47 and have spent 30 years in the gym.

Back in 1988 when I started, it was complete interview