Announcing a Battling Ropes Instructor Certification Course, taught by the system’s original creator, John Brookfield, with Jon Bruney. The 2-day course will be held in Austin, Texas.

Register by Friday, June 29th and your tuition is only $799.
Become A Professional Instructor In One of The World’s Most Effective Systems For Speed, Sustainable Strength and Explosive Power…
“Knowing John Brookfield has been a blessing for me. His 'old fashioned gentleman' demeanor is contrasted with his physical prowess and manual strength demonstrated in his 'strongman' performances. He understands how to build manual strength and has been a leader in novel approaches such as his Battling Ropes techniques. John has some valuable lessons to teach all those interested in strength.”—Stuart McGill, PhD, Professor of Spine Biomechanics
“John Brookfield's Battling Ropes is a unique way to train yourself or your athletes for the utmost conditioning for all sports. Football, baseball, MMA, it does not matter. Besides being a great conditioner, it will build a death grip. It's not just for rehab, but more importantly for prehab. If you train alone or with training partners I highly recommend Battling Ropes to be a part of your workouts.”—Louie Simmons, Owner, Worlds Strongest Gym, Westside Barbell
“Thanks, John, for coming to the Olympic Center to teach our wrestlers your Battling Ropes system. It was great to get all the instruction directly from you, the creator of the system. I strongly believe that your Battling Ropes system will benefit our wrestlers in a great way. All of the wrestlers quickly saw how the training will help them go to the next level.”—Ivan Ivanov, Head Greco Roman wrestling coach, Olympic training center, Silver Medalist 1994 world championships, Six-time Bulgarian national champion

“John Brookfield has come up with what I believe is one of the only authentically innovative training methods in the last 100 years - and there are few. I truly appreciated being able to learn this system from its originator. Anyone else who's showing rope training is copying John. I know of almost no other method that allows you to train velocity and forces you to maintain it along with pure physical output over a period of time. The strength and conditioning benefits to be gained here are unheard of.”—Bud Jeffries, Professional Strength Athlete, World Record Holder

“John Brookfield's Battling Ropes are quickly becoming one of my favorite tools for developing power and endurance in every inch of the body as well as an amazing conditioning tool. I have seriously never felt anything like this from any other training implement.”—Zach Even-Esh, Underground Strength Coach

Register by Friday, June 29th and your tuition is only $799.