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    Default New edition of Convict Conditioning 2, $10.00 off, launch special

    We have just released a new edition of Paul Wade’s magnificent Convict Conditioning 2. To be honest, all that is different is the size (smaller) and a lower price. The brilliant content remains the same.

    If you don’t already possess this motherlode of strength training secrets, you might want to jump on our launch offer: order by Friday, July 13th and you can lop an extra $10.00 off the already-low price.

    On the fence? Here are some comments selected from the 71 reviews on our site about Convict Conditioning 2:

    This gets better and better.
    By Paul Paradis / Tacoma, WA
    CC1 was my introduction to bodyweight training. CC2 has upped the ante, and provided the perfect complement to the first volume. The way this has perfected my bodyweight training is incredible.

    Being the fanatic that I am, I have incorporated every exercise from CC2 that is appropriate for my level of fitness into my routine-- fingertip pushups, hang progressions, preliminary front and wrestler's bridges, calf work, joint circles, and what is becoming the cornerstone of my training, the trifecta progressions. The addition of the trifecta progressions has given me all of the benefits of 45 minutes of yoga in under 3 minutes. That alone has been worth the price of the books.

    I've noticed that some people have complained about the price point and the whole 'convict' aesthetic. I say that slipping into complete physical breakdown and getting strung out on medication as old age encroaches is even more expensive. A one-time investment in an exercise program you can utilize for the rest of your life? Priceless. Another way of looking at the price issue is to compare this to a gym membership plus trainer fees. Think about it.

    Thorough and efficient, starting my day with these routines has led to increased energy and mental toughness, and at 36 I feel like I'm 22. My hat's off to you, Coach. Can't wait for CC3. Thanks.

    Bodyweight Gospel
    By Chris King / Manchester, United Kingdom
    Together with CC1, this is the most thorough and complete book about total bodyweight conditioning there is. The knowledge in it is crucial.

    If I could give this a 12, I would
    By R.M. Taran / Boston, MA
    Not only is this a superb book on progressive calisthenics all by itself, I believe it takes the methods from convict conditioning one and pushes them through the roof.

    Grip strength from CC2 literally caused my forearms (always weak looking spots for me) to explode. Not only that, bigger, stronger forearms, in my humble opinion, helps your biceps look bigger. AND increasing grip strength carries over nicely to mastering the pullup series.

    The trifecta is the PERFECT off day routine. I need exercise and if I can't do it every day, I feel it's a day wasted. So the component of doing these brilliant joint strengthening exercises on OFF-DAYS was perfection for me. Shoulder and neck pain are gone.The trifecta workout which only takes ten minutes tops, leaves me feeling almost high. The twists in particular feel so damn good, it's unbelievable.

    If you have the first convict conditioning and really want to take your training to another level, get this book. I almost want to say it's necessary because the things in CC2 just make everything in the first CC more effective.

    Invaluable to High Mileage Athletes
    By Mike Abril / Clovis, CA
    After reading and re-reading Convict Conditioning, I thought I had a solid enough program, a stand-alone program that needed no other tweaking. After reading CC2 I gained a whole new respect for bodyweight training, especially in the Trifecta. Amazing. Old aches and pains have pretty much disappeared and my movements are far more controlled and powerful. Using the Trifecta as a daily warm-up gets the day going and makes for a great re-charge. Buy both books. If you have old injuries you’ll be greatly pleased. If you’re a former or aging athlete, you’ll realize that sometimes age is just a number. You won’t regret buying and using both books to the fullest.

    Trample the weak, hurdle the dead
    By Thomas Nee / Austin, TX
    As a fitness professional, I've worked in many gyms, worked with tons of clients ranging from 5yrs. to 88. Utilizing many of the cutting edge functional/sports specific protocols to help each client take a step closer to their goals. After receiving Convict Con. 1, my world did a complete 180 degree turn. I never quite fit within the gym environment. Always seem to clash with management. All awhile, deep within I knew we, as a community, never really needed to use a machine that was designed to fit everyone. It was Coach Wade that took the steps to put things in a simple, hard as nails way to get insanely strong.

    I'm currently pounding through the steps of Convict Con. 1 and ironically, I no longer have the agonizing joint pain that I conditioned myself to endure.Medical history of two knee surgeries, ACL on my right and a torn meniscus of the left. Tendonitis in both elbows. Shoulder impingement and stiffness...Gone, gone...freak'n gone! And when I saw that Convict Con. 2 was out, without hesitation I jumped at it. Pain free, stronger every day. What else matters? If you're not sure, then these books are not what you're looking for.

    If you are tired of the same stuff, trudging through what society has deemed the way. If you want to finally get the strength, power and twisted steel joints and ligaments, get off your ass and get these books.

    Not tomorrow...Today! No excuses, today!

    You can join the wolves or go back to your sheep herd.
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