Dragon Door: What inspired your interest in calisthenics and Convict Conditioning?

Chris Worth: About 10 years ago I was very much into Triathlon—and almost competitive at one point! I enjoyed the running, the cycling, and the swimming—but kept getting the same series of sprains, pulls, and twists down the left side of my body.

Eventually I had to stop because the injuries weren’t healing. I was trim and fit, but not healthy and strong!

Then I took a year off for an MBA, and was so busy that I didn't do anything fitness wise for a while.

Hitting 40, I noticed weight piling on—for the first time in my life—and started to think it might be too late to change or if I should bother.

Of course, such negative thoughts are the reason so many people are overweight! And it’s ridiculous—I wasn’t an old man and didn’t feel like one.

So, I tried a lot of different fitness programs like P90X. But I have a fairly short attention span and didn’t really enjoy any of them.

Four years ago I picked up Convict Conditioning. I forget where I first heard of it, but I was instantly hooked by the logical, structural, sequenced aspect to it.

I started right at the bottom with...read complete interview