Dragon Door: What's your fitness background?

Ruben Payan: I've been in the fitness industry for about 18 years—since I got out of the Marine Corps in 2000.

And I'm the first fitness professional to ever finish the Seven Summits and climb K2.

The Seven Summits were my goal for the past 10-11 years, and I finished it a year and a half ago, and in the process carried the UFC banner to Everest.

Unfortunately, there was an avalanche on K2, so I wasn’t able to summit it, but I was on that bad boy!

Dragon Door: That’s huge! What inspired the Seven Summits goal?

Ruben Payan: Feeling depressed. I was going through a really bad divorce and lost my business.

I felt that if I didn’t do something with my life I’d feel irrelevant.

So in 2005, I had the names of the mountains tattooed on my back before I climbed them. I didn't know how long it would take to climb them all, but I believed it could happen.

So, I just started climbing. One by one, I had the summit dates tattooed underneath each mountain’s name.

I took a leap of faith and knew I would feel really stupid if I didn’t complete any of the climbs.

It’s really important to realize that anything is possible if you have the right formula: patience, persistence, and...read complete interview