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    Default Swings not targeting glutes

    When I do swings my hamstrings will be sore the next day but not my glutes. Is there some common mistake I'm making?

    I've tried squeezing them together as I thrust my hips forward but that hasn't worked.

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    Without actually seeing you doing them - swings -its only guessing. Post a video. Or arrange to see an RKC for guidance...Dennis

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    Initially I found my glutes were gassed when I first started doing kettlbell swings, almost as much as my hamstrings. These days with regular training, I find my glutes rarely ache, save for the most gruelling end of cycle workouts. The swings must be working though as I have buns of steel. My hamstrings are a different story though. I always feel the burn and ache in my hamstrings after doing swings on hard day.

    It may just be to do with the rates it takes for different muscle groups to recover, or how hard they are being hit by a particular exercise. Unless you've got a flat ass and there's no visible progress in growth or strength I wouldn't worry about it.

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    There is also a "thing" called neuromuscular amnesia which is when you tell a muscle to contract and nothing happens. Lie prone with one hand on a glulte. Keep leg straight and lift heel on side hand is touching, towards ceiling. Glute should fire first THEN the hamstring. If they go in reverse order you've got a bit of a problem. Test both sides. If hams fire first, you need to do correctives with bands or similar to reprogram...see youtube for plenty examples. Won't take but a few sessions most likely

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