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    Default How do you progress from Beginner Standard to Intermediate Standard to Progression?


    As the title said, I was wondering how does someone progress exactly from Beginner Standard to Intermediate Standard and all the way to Progression Standard for each step from the very beginning in every Big Six?

    For example in wall push-ups:

    Beginner: 1 set of 10
    Intermediate: 2 sets of 25
    Progression: 3 sets of 50

    Also secondly, in light of the New Blood program, Paul Wade recommended that each step has 2 work out sets, but if I am just starting out, then should I do one set of 10 or two sets of 10?

    Thanks for the clarification!

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    Start with the beginner progression, using the 2-1-2 timing per rep, do one set of 10 reps if you can, dont stop at ten, go to near failure. If you have accomplished the beginner progression, the next session start the intermediate progression.

    say you get two sets of 20 and 16 reps. The next session continue with intermediate until you reach 25 reps for both sets. Then you start on the progression standard until you reach 3 sets of 50 reps.

    When you achieve 3 x 50, move up to Progression 2 and start at the beginning.

    Most progressions use 2 work sets. Some, mostly the early progressions, have 1 or 3 sets. Just do what is necessary to move to the next step.

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    I have had an idea on this and maybe some require a forced progression approach for the Convict Conditioning program. So bear with me on my explanation.

    Check out the Fighter Pull-Up Program. You can do one of two things. Either begin your progression at the bottom with the 5 rep max, or test yourself in each movement and start on the ladder wherever you land. You can literally walk yourself up the ladder with little effort from 5 reps and even up until your progression standard. I would suggest "testing" yourself in each movement (not to failure!) and starting wherever you land on the ladder. It would otherwise probably take you an excessively long time to get to the progression. This, however, may provide a more direct route because the way CvC tells you to progress is just not my style.

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